College Administration


Name and Designation

Qualification / Degree


Prof. Dr. Arup Dutta


MBBS, FCPS (Pead.),

MRCP, Ch.(Glasg), FRCP, Ch.(Glasg)

College Administration

Principal is the Executive Head. On academic matters, he is advised by the Academic Council.


College Finance

The college is run on self-financing and non-profit basis.


Staff Selection Procedure

Teachers and staff are selected through Staff Selection Committees. Teachers have to posses qualifications as per requirements of Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.


Teachers-Students Committees

The committees are formed by the Academic Council at the beginning of each academic session. The numbers of committees are determined by the Academic Council. Each committees usually shall consist of one teacher and two/three students. Two students are selected from each year of class and then they are distributed in the committees. No student can be a member of more than one committee. The committees shall have allocation of annual budgets.


Guardians Participation                        

Guardians Advice on the College affairs is welcome. There exists a Guardians Advisory Committee, which meets at least once in three months. The Members of the Committee are selected annually from the guardians of the students. All guardians are invited in a meeting with the College Authority at least once in a year. Guardians Advisory Committee is formed in this meeting for one year.


Teachers-Guardians Meet

Academic Council and Guardians Advisory Committee meet when necessary. They discuss all aspects of academic matters of the college and suggest measures for improving the academic environment and total improvement of teaching in the college.